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AF24 Aluminium Panels - Hanger Bolts

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THE SOLAR FUTURE - AF24 Aluminium Frame Panels

The AF24 panels are a sturdy, aluminium profile framed panel that is mounted vertically on a sloped roof or flat area. Roofing systems for both slates and tiled roofs are available. With its low eight and optimized size this panel is easy to manoeuvre and quick to install. The AF24 panel weighs in at just 38 kg's (or a mere 15.33 kg's per m2), as a result this panel is easier to handle without lacking in any strength, rigidity or efficiency.

The ultra efficient absorber combined with 50mm of rockwool insulation allows the panel to effectively utilise a large amount of the Sun's energy

Solar Expertise Meets Industry Know-How

Aluminium Frame Panel Features

  • A simple, effective mounting system
  • Weather risistant system sealant between profile and glass
  • Laser welded, full-surface absorbers made from copper
  • Highly-selective vacuum coating
  • High selective vacuum coating on absorber surface
  • Great appearance as they perfectly fit the available roof space
  • Seamless transition from collector to collector
  • Optimum micro-climate inside the case by using timber as an ecological collector material

WF24 Technical Details

Gross area
2.40 m2
Aperture surface area
2.22 m2


2064 x 1154 x 98mm



Heat transfer fluid content

1.11 L

Output - Based on annual irradiance at Dublin Airport)

566 kWh/m2/annum (based on aperture area)

519 kWh/m2/annum (based on gross area)

1245 kWh/annum per panel

Optical efficiency
Lineal loss factor a1


Quadratic loss factor a2
Max operation pressure
6 bar
Modular flat collector for simple roof mounted installation at angles between 20 and 70
Weather resistant, aluminium frame construction with an aluminium rear panel that guarantees long service life and great reliability.
Structured, low-iron solar float glass, 3.8 mm thick, with maximum light transmission of 91%.
Emission free mineral wool, 50mm thick
Copper/Aluminium, laser welded, Bluetec Eta Plus/ Tinoc Classic or Interpane / Sunselet.
Absorption: 0.95 Emission: 0.05
Collector sealing
Wooden profile system with double temperature, UV resistant silicone sealant
Stagnation temperature
202 C
Heat transfer fluid
Propylene glycol 40%
Nominal flow rate/collector
500 kg/hr

Kit Includes the Following

  • AF24 panels (2.4 m2 gross per panel)
  • Mountings and roof rails as required
  • S1 Solar 10 pump unit with integrated STDC controller
  • 3 x PT1000 Sensors
  • Expansion vessel
  • Food grade glycol concentrate


  • Model: AF24_slate
  • 149 Units in Stock

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