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WF24 Integrated Panels - Slate Roof

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ENERGY MEETS DESIGN – WF24 Integrated Panels

The WF24 panels are a sturdy, wooden framed panel designed for mounting vertically on sloped roofs with either tile or slate finish. All sealing brackets are easily assembled and clip into position to allow for a fast and professional installation, the black finish on these panels make them integrate easily with the standard black roof used in the British Isles.

With the WF24 you will find a solar panel that has been designed for integrating seamlessly with Irish slate roofs. any installer that is familiar with the "Universal" flashing kit will know how un-universal it is when it comes to a tegral slate roof. Evergreen Energy have designed a flashing kit that is specific to Irish needs and will be as simple as integrating a Velux window.

Solar Expertise Meets Industry Know-How

Wooden Frame Panel Features

  • Installation in no time
  • Laser welded, full-surface absorbers made from copper
  • Highly-selective vacuum coating
  • Great appearance as they perfectly fit the available roof space
  • Seamless transition from collector to collector
  • Optimum micro-climate inside the case by using timber as an ecological collector material

WF24 Technical Details

Gross area
2.40 m2 
Aperture surface area
2.22 m2 


2064 x 1154 x 98mm



Heat transfer fluid content

1.11 L

Output - Based on annual irradiance at Dublin Airport)

597 kWh/m2/annum (based on aperture area)

547 kWh/m2/annum (based on gross area)

1313 kWh/annum per panel

Optical efficiency
Lineal loss factor a1


Quadratic loss factor a2
Max operation pressure
6 bar
Modular flat collector for simple roof mounted installation at angles between 20° and 70°
Weather resistant, wooden frame construction with an aluminium rear panel that guarantees long service life and great reliability.
Structured, low-iron solar float glass, 3.8 mm thick, with maximum light transmission of 91%.
Emission free mineral wool, 50mm thick
Copper/Aluminium, laser welded, Bluetec Eta Plus/ Tinoc Classic or Interpane / Sunselet. 
Absorption: 0.95 Emission: 0.05
Collector sealing
Wooden profile system with double temperature, UV resistant silicone sealant
Stagnation temperature
202 °C
Heat transfer fluid
Propylene glycol 40%
Nominal flow rate/collector
500 kg/hr

Kit Includes the Following

  • WF24 panels (2.4 m2 gross per panel)
  • Flashing and fixings as required
  • S1 Solar 10 pump unit with Integarted solar controller
  • Expansion vessel
  • Exp vessel wall bracket with check valve
  • Food grade glycol concentrate


  • Model: WF24_slate
  • 150 Units in Stock

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