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DuoFlex DN16 Stainless Steel Solar Pipe

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Flexible Stainless Steel Solar Pipe

Specifically designed for solar panel applications, with the insulation suitable for use with both flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. Can handle heat transfer fluid temperatures up to 180C without affecting the properties of the EPDM insulation.

A flexible stainless steel inner pipe that is pre-insulated with high-temperature, UV resistant EPDM insulation.

Remember, regulations specify the use of UV resistant insulation and not the cheaper non-UV version. Also, stainless steel pipe fitted with insulation rated up to 130 is simply not good enough if used with Evacuated tube panels where stagnation temperatures can be as high as 200C

Available in 10m, 15m and 25 m rolls

Nuts, Clips and Washers?

Each roll is supplied with a packet containg 4 nuts, 4 retaing clips and 4 high temperature fibre washers. However, an average solar system with a twin lin pump station will require the 10 of each

  • 2 for conencting to the panels
  • 2 for top of pump station
  • 2 for bottom of pump station
  • 2 for tank
  • 2 for expansion vessel
Remember to order enough nut sets with your pipe, you can add these on below.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps complete the look of a well finished installation, we sell DN 16 pipe clamps in bags of 4, you can add these on to the roll below also.


  • Model: 200011000
  • 48 Units in Stock

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DN16 Nut Pack

DN 16 Pipe Clamps

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