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Solar - Evacuated CPC Tubes

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CPC 6 Lite Evacuated Tube Collector Available with Stainless Steel or Copper U-Tubes/Manifold

The CPC 6 Lite brings you an evacuated tube panel with outstanding design, professional processing and high energy yield. Also, due to the CPC 6 Lite's low weight and easy to handle size it can easily be manoeuvred into position by one man

The CPC stainless steel evacuated tube collector is a specialist system developed especially for solar water heating and for solar backup heating. The low pressure loss allows several modules to be connected in series. Aperture area measurements of 1.0 sq meters allows for accurate adjustment to water and/or space heating requirements. Careful attention has also been made to details that are important to mounting the system, where maximum movement of the rails to the anchor point means that even the least accurate installer can get the rails into a straight line

The One-Man Installation Kit

CPC S6 Collector Features

  • Pre-assembled tube collector
  • Twin walled evacuated tubes based on the thermos flask principle
  • Manifold for direct flow conduction through risers
  • Stainless steel manifold and "U" tube risers prevents any internal oxidation regardless of fluid temperature
  • CPC reflector improves the tube efficiency by 40%
  • Collectors are supplied with factory fitted sun cover that is removed after the installer has flooded the system
  • Suitable for on roof installation, flat roof installation or vertical wall installation

CPC 6 Lite Technical Details

Gross area
1.15 m2 
Aperture surface area
1.00 m2 


700 x 1640 x 100mm



Heat transfer fluid content

0.80 L / panel

Output - Based on annual irradiance at Dublin Airport)

612 kWh/m2/annum (based on aperture area)

532 kWh/m2/annum (based on gross area)

612 kWh/annum per panel

Optical efficiency
Lineal loss factor a1


Quadratic loss factor a2
Max operation pressure
10 bar
Tubes per panel
6 x twin walled Sydney tubes

Tube material

Boroscilicate glass 3.3

Tube size

47mm diameter x 1500mm long

Collector material

Aluminium / copper / glass / silicone / PBT / EPDM / TE

Selective tube coating


Aluminium nitrate

U tube material

Stainless Steel

Stagnation temperature
272 C
Heat transfer fluid
Pre-mixed Propylene glycol
Nominal flow rate/collector
500 kg/hr

Kit Includes the Following

  • CPC 6 panels (1.15 m2 gross per panel)
  • Bearing rails and fixings as required
  • S1 Solar 10 pump unit with Integarted solar controller
  • 3 x PT1000 Sensors
  • Expansion vessel
  • Food grade, pre-mixed glycol

Extra Cooling Vessel

We recommend the use of an Extra Cooling Vessel when installing any evacuated tube collectors, if the length of pipe between the solar panels and the expansion vessel is less than 10 meters then it is essential that an Extra Cooling Vessel is fitted.

If the collectors begin to stagnate and fluid starts to boil, then it will force it's way back down the return pipe in the form of steam. If the steam makes it back as far as the expansion vessel then it will quickley destroy the diaphram in the expansion vessel. Fitting a 5L Extra Cooling Vessel adds an extra 5L of fluid that needs to turn to steam before it gets to the expansion vessel.

CPC 6 Avaialable with Either Stainless Steel or Copper U-Tubes and Manifold

The CPC 6 is available with either stainless steel or copper U-tubes and manifold. Stainless steel offers a long lasting system that is not susceptible to internal oxidation and corrosion as a result of high heat transfer fluid temperatures. The copper version offers a superbly performing CPC collector at a budget price


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